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MAGIC REMOVER by Lolynails

Our professional nail polish remover helps you to easily break and remove gel nail polish in just one minute. With MAGIC REMOVER solution, lightly spread the nail polish remover on your nails and peel it off without leaving a residue.

MAGIC REMOVER guarantees simple steps in the varnish removal process without soaking in acetone, using a towel or a nail scraper. Instant and simple removal of nail polish: automatic removal of the polish after application of the remover in 1 minute, without damaging the nails.

Odourless and non-irritating, complete protection of the nail surface. Easy to use, it can be applied over nail polish, base coat, matt top coat, 3D nail decorations and much more.

There is no need to go to an expensive nail salon to remove the nails in case you break one or more of the nails, you can directly remove the fake nails and varnish gel. All this in record time!



  • Our MAGIC REMOVER is carefully packed by our teams in a shock-resistant package.

    Our product is only available on our Website, it is not currently available in stores.

    Our services are of high quality, that's why we guarantee a 100% refund if you are not satisfied!